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Product Maintanance


With Bengal Basket, all your issues of repairing services and related maintenance have been assured. You know that whenever you have wooden or cane sofa set, wooden dining table and chair set, you need to repair after getting damaged. At the same time, if you do not keep your eyes to its maintenance service, the glory of the furniture will be diminished. All the furniture in the room, apartment, outdoor or in the corporate office demand subsequent repair and maintenance service.

For the maintenance of all sorts of residential furniture along with the wooden dining table set in Kolkata, you should better contact soon to Bengal basket for affordable service.

At Bengal basket, we offer extensive repair and maintenance service to the followings-

Maintenance of in-house furniture

At home, you have various kinds of furniture like, the bed, drawing table, dressing table, chairs, sofa, divan, wooden safe, bookshelf, cupboard, computer desk, dining table and chair set, study desk, etc. should be taken care after a regular interval. The dust and dirt spoils the look of the furniture and make them dull. If not cared of, the dirt spoils the resin polish or the color done on them and affects the wood in it. Ultimately, the fashionable furniture spoils your prestige then in front of the guests. So, for maintenance of wooden sofa set in Kolkata along with other furniture, just contact us and keep confidence that your works have been done efficiently!

Maintenance of office
At every office, furniture of different kinds is mandatory. They take dirt in a short period of time and shed its color or resin polish soon for so much use. This is the reason, they s should be maintained after a short interval. We are here to provide cleaning and maintenance efficiency by the factory trained experts and try to bring a greater client satisfaction.

We also provide maintenance service to the outdoor furniture proficiently to enhance their span of life much.