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About Us

~Life Is One- Keep It in Comfort and Luxury~

For fulfilling the dream of you to decorate your home with classic level furniture, we are beside you with a vouch to offer the best set of furniture. You know furniture is an essential part of your life, and a single room of your house is lying vacant without furniture. As the furniture is essential, they are also the décor of a room. With furniture, whatever your interior design is, the room looks pale. This is the reason, we, Bengal Basket, have a pledge to fulfill our dream to decorate your rooms with exclusive set of furniture.


What you will get from us

In the entire accommodation of your home along with the outdoor places are insipid except of furniture. We produce all sort furniture made with cane, bamboo, steel, wood, and sometimes the combination of all them. According to your interior decorator, you will get all models of furniture to make your home magnificent.

The furniture of Bengal basket at a glance-

Living room furniture

A complete set of living room furniture is available to us like Camilla, Brix, Anson, Astaire, Raidar, culton, Karlstad; one or two seated sofa made of cane, wood, wrought iron or steel. You will get all the products made with the touch of extensive care ready for your tip-top room.

Dining room furniture

Are you looking for the stylish wooden dining table set in Kolkata, for the entire table set with chairs, Bengal Basket is beside you? The dining room expects a fine set of classic table with the stylish chairs. The type and decoration will be according to your custom choice.

Bedroom furniture

You obviously ask for the stylish bed for your dream bed room. Today, you will get the beds of different materials like steel, wrought iron, the traditional wood, and so on. There is nothing comparable to you in respect to wooden bed. The good news for all the residents in Kolkata is that, you will get the best wooden bed in Kolkata only at our show room. You can set divan, cupboard and clothe drawer in your bedroom. All of them are available to us.

Kinds’ world furniture

For your little angle or little prince, you will get a wide range of furniture. From the study desk and chair to the cute bed for kids are available here. As your little baby is cute and lovely, we have created the designer bed with utility features on it.

Outdoor furniture

In our exclusive collection, you will enjoy different kinds of outdoor furniture. You will get sea side dining table and chairs, stylish metal table and chair for park and resorts, stylish bench for public sitting, wooden bench for garden, etc, are exclusively available for you. In a word, for getting the best outdoor furniture in Kolkata, Bengal Basket is second to none.

Why you choose us?

  • We use the best wood for your furniture

  • If it is made of metal, the quality is always justified

  • When we make outdoor furniture, we prepare in such way so that it does not destroy easily by weathering

  • The finish and style of our product is really exclusive

  • The color or polish used on the furniture is of high quality that lasts long

  • Our products are cost effective and long lasting.